Corsets designed with your anatomy in mind

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A brunette woman wears a large pale pink skirt with a set of crystal embellished stays made by the Bad Button. The woman has large hair, much like Marie Antoinette and a snake tattoo

About Us

Every body is worthy of feeling confident, empowered and like their best self everyday

Corsets get a bad rap…

But a well-crafted corset can be transformative. 

Because when made with anatomy in mind, a corset is designed to support your body rather than restrict it. Thanks to this comfortable yet supportive fit, a corset can create a sense of confidence, empowerment, and body acceptance.

Something that every body is worthy of feeling.

Which is why The Bad Button is here to shift the way corsets are viewed — from constrictive garments to supportive pieces of wearable textile art you wear for yourself, rather than anyone else.

We are adaptable chameleons, using our creative process to work with diverse bodies, corset types, and aesthetics.

And we pay homage to the rich history of corsetry while bringing our contemporary values to the forefront — because all people and bodies are valid and can find a place within our world.

A plus sized brunette woman poses in front of a deep blue background. She wears a small gold crown and a black neck piece with a heavily embellished gold and black corset.

You deserve something made to support you

Want something designed just for you?

A blonde woman wears a red dress with a gold and red corset detailing. She holds a pomegranate, playing the role of persphephone

Our Values

Alisha Martin, founder of The Bad Button wears a red dress and a cream coloured corset. She has pink hair and stands in front of a cream coloured brick wall

Our Founder

A red haired woman with red and black feathers in her hair wears a leather corset with intricate feather detailing

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The Bad Button's corset expo set up


A Bad Button bespoke corset design by Alisha Martin featuring a red background and white lace detailing

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