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A red haired woman in a red corseted gown stands in a dark room.

Client Testimonials

The Baddest Buttons have spoken…

A The Bad Button bespoke corset design is being worn by w woman in a floral pattern tshirt.

When I first tried on a Bad Button standard size corset, I immediately felt amazing. The corset showcased my natural figure and gave me some epic back pain relief and support.

I started wearing my corset to every dressy event I had, then I started wearing it to work when I knew I'd be on my feet for a long time. Soon enough, I knew I wanted another, and this time I wanted something extra special. So I went bespoke. Alisha and I went through her big book of fabric samples and I picked out a silk I liked, then we tackled the fit of corset. I'm quite short waisted and while the standard size fit me pretty well, the corset was kind of long in the front and poked my thighs when I sat down and overlapped funny with my bra on occasion. Alisha took a ton of measurements and magicked me up a beautiful corset that fit like it was made for me. Because it was! I could sit, stand, and kneel with ease in my new bespoke corset and it fit me, short waist and all, perfectly. It very quickly became my daily driver. I have since commissioned Alisha for several more bespoke corsets in fun patterns and fabrics and I've loved every single one of them.

— Makayla

Quite possibly the MOST comfortable corset I have EVER worn. I am definitely a fan, and forever an ardent supporter of The Bad Button.  Looking forward to many more years cinched into this lovely, and I HAPPILY recommend Alisha Martin and The Bad Button to anyone interested in Bespoke Corsetry.

– Bobbi

Wanted to tell you how blown away I am... My corset is breathtaking and more beautiful than I ever thought possible!! This may be my first corset but I guarantee it won't be my last!!! Thank you for making my dreams become to life. The dragonfly material is perfect!!!!

– Sarah
A The Bad Button bespoke corset design is worn by Misty, a blonde woman. The corset features a delicate floral pattern.

I love my custom corset!

After trying on one of the standard corsets in my size, I asked if I could send a beautiful silk scarf I had to be made into a corset – as well as cutting down the bottom a little.  I’m just too short for an off the rack!  Alisha was wonderful in altering the pattern of her standards just a little for me, and even did her best to match the pattern on the scarf I sent her.  And she did all that just for a customized made to measure – not even fully bespoke!

— Misty

The Bad Button has amazing corsets. I can wear mine all day at a festival with ease. She has a background in forensic anthropology, so has an understanding of the human body that allows her to create the perfect fit. Fluffy girl sizing as well!

– Starla

Gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Alisha is awesome to work with and I just received my beautiful custom corset way before I need it. I highly recommend letting Alisha custom make your corset. You will not be disappointed!

– Amy
A fully bespoke corset by The Bad Button features rainbow dinosaur designed fabric

The Bad Button Corsets is an above reproach company with an owner who is real in a world of people who are not.

The quality of her work is stunning and she strives to keep a healthy relationship with her customers. She is quick to finish and guarantees her work quality. Over the past 3 or so years I have acquired a few of Alisha's pieces and I'm always the Belle of the ball when I dawn them. She has come up with designs for me that were amazing and stunning. Most importantly, she handles her business with care. Making sure each design is special to the person it's made for and that it fits just like they want it to.  I'm privileged to be a client and honored to be a friend. 

— Trix

This is breath taking! (Ha, see what I did there?) But seriously, this piece is flawless. It is incredibly made and possesses beautiful craftsmanship. I cannot wait to order more!

– Renee

I’m breaking in my new corset and truly falling in love with every stitch! Getting to design a dream piece that fits my body unlike anything before has really made me appreciate my own figure more.  There’s nothing like running your fingers over the seams and panels and feeling them form your unique curves.  Definitely worth all the measuring and fittings!  The whole experience still makes me feel like royalty…. 

– Andrea 

Alisha is the most talented and fun commissioner I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many.

She is considerate, personable, and always up for new ideas. Every time I have the opportunity to work with her she elevates my ideas and surpasses every expectation. She is also wonderful at making everyone feel comfortable in her studio no matter how they feel about their body. Collaborating with Alisha is an amazing experience! 

— Bonnie

I bought these amazingly crafted and unique earrings at the Lexington Kentucky comicon and have been in love with them ever since, plus the constant compliments on them are a bonus!!

– Jessica

Not long ago I was lucky enough to be able to order a custom made corset.  I’m a whore for a good corset. This incredible work of art has the German Christmas demon known as Krampus all over it, and I’m obsessed. It fits like a glove and it’s the most comfortable corset I own. Thank you for this corset and the spiderweb earrings! They’re incredible!

– Anna
A The Bad Button bespoke corset design is being worn by an older woman in a red shirt and blue corset

Corsets are NOT just for cosplay or young things!

— Sue (72 at the time)

I work in an essential service so coming home to this beauty brings me joy.  You did so amazing on this corset. I use it often at home when I need relief or when I am off work and am out and about.

– Tama