Corsets designed with your anatomy in mind

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A woman wearing a gold and black corset with yellow lacing faces away from the camera. She holds her arms extended to show off delicate wings that are apart of her costume

The Bad Button Values

The Bad Button exists to empower interesting people like you to embrace their individuality. 

These values guide us in making that vision a reality…

Inspiring Confidence & Body Acceptance

Every body is worthy of feeling confident, empowered and like their best self everyday. We're for body acceptance and matching our people with corsets that support them both physically and mentally. We're for doing things for yourself (your own gaze) and are excited to take the journey with you- it's so much more than a corset after all.

Connecting with History

Our pieces offer you a direct connection to the art of corsetry as well as  those that have come before us. We're excited to share our forensic anthropology and museum knowledge and love to be a part of nurturing your passion. We're for historical dress and garments but not for historical values- we believe that all people and bodies are valid and can find a place within our world.

A woman stands in a grey setting with a black corseted gown with ornate gold detailing. She has gold hands, styled like Midas.

The beauty of Craftsmanship

We are advocates for craftsmanship and the blood, sweat and tears that go into refining our practice. We go beyond manufacturing garments and aim to always create textile art that lasts and will be loved well into the future. We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with are vehicles for beauty and aim to always add to the aesthetic conversation.

A blonde woman wears a red dress with a gold and red corset detailing. She holds a pomegranate, playing the role of persphephone

Creative Collaboration

Our custom and bespoke clients know us for our empathetic, comfortable and warm approach. Creating a corset is as much about the process as it is creating an incredible product- we work with you to craft corsets that best support your body as well as your confidence. We are adaptable chameleons, using our creative process to work with diverse bodies, corset types and aesthetics.