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A woman wears a gold and white corset ensemble in front of a black background. The garment is embellished with feathers and she wears a gold crown headpiece

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A blonde woman wears a red dress with a gold and red corset detailing. She holds a pomegranate, playing the role of persphephone



A fair model with freckles poses in a sheer and white panelled corset inspired by the Snowy Owl. The ensemble featured beadwork and feathers


Birds of Paradise- Birds of Prey

A woman stands in a grey setting with a black corseted gown with ornate gold detailing. She has gold hands, styled like Midas.


Venetian Carnival

A red haired model wears a loose cream shirt with a rust coloured waspie. The mini corset features peacock feathers as an embroidered motif



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A Bad Button bespoke corset design by Alisha Martin featuring gold star detailing on a satin background

Bespoke Corsets

A Bad Button custom corset design by Alisha Martin featuring black fabric with gold and purple bees wearing crowns

Custom Corsets

A woman with Marie Antoinette style hair is dressed in embelished stays and a light tulle skirt. She stands in a window on a stairwell.

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