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A woman in a navy embellished venetian mask wears a deep blue corset-ed dress with a high neckline with detailed pearl neck-piece. The background is galaxy themed.

Care Information

Wearing & Caring for your Corset

Breaking your corset in

Much like a pair of brand new shoes, your brand new corset will feel stiff at first. Breaking it in will allow it to soften and mold to your body, while also prolonging the life of your corset.

To do this, wear your corset for a few short periods of time (up to 2 hours.) After 30-60 mins of wearing it, if you feel ready for more constriction, retighten the laces to allow the fabrics to evenly distribute the tension of your body.

While our corsets are made using the best materials and are constructed with strength in mind, not breaking in your corset can result in damage to the corset or feel uncomfortable.

Please note that breaking a corset in isn’t a substitute for a good fit. Your corset should already mostly fit — breaking it in just helps it feel like a part of you and helps you get used to the feel of it.

Wearing your corset

Always loosen the laces before putting your corset on or taking it off. Leaving full pressure on the fabric, the busk or zipper, and the internal structure of the corset will strain your hands as well as your muscles. 

Instead, untie the bow, loosen the laces, and then fasten or unfasten the front closure. Once you have fastened the busk or zipper, you can now tighten your laces. 

Begin at the loops at the waist, pulling tight, then work your way down the outside Xs from top to waist, and repeat from bottom to waist. 

Do not over tighten to prevent any damage to yourself or your corset. Instead, wait at least 30 minutes, then tighten again if necessary.

Caring for your corset

Corsets are dry clean only, due to the delicate fabric and construction.

To cut down on the amount of cleaning and care that your corset requires, we recommend wearing a camisole or some sort of liner under your corset. This slows the buildup of skin cells and oils inside the corset, lessening the need to frequently dry clean the garment. 

Your corset is dry clean only, and we recommend using a bridal dry cleaner — as they’re used to handling delicate garments. If something gets spilled on your corset, gently spot clean. 

To freshen your corset between wearings, use a spray bottle filled with half vodka and half distilled water, and spritz a fine mist on the interior of the corset.

Between wearings, let your corset air inside out over a chair, hanger or flat. Never store a sweat-dampened corset, as moisture and bodily bacteria can breed all sorts of terrible things. 

You can store your corset over hangers by the laces or laid flat. 

Never store your corset in such a way that it is bent out of shape.

Due to the intimate nature of corsets, returns and refunds are not accepted. Click here for the full returns policy.

Caring for your Jewelry and Accesories

Your new trinket is handcrafted from acrylic and/or resin and should be handled carefully to extend its life.

All studs are titanium, and our hoops are nickel-free.

Clean with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Store away from bright light in a dry, safe place.

Avoid wearing your pieces while applying perfumes, makeup, oils, etc.

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